On Mon, 20 Jun 1994, Denise Bryson wrote:
> Frankly, instead of demonizing _Snow White_ as a sexist picture, I
> prefer to think of it as one of the few films that eschewed sizism by
> using vertically-challenged characters in integral roles.  Although
> today we may be more inclined to question the stereotypes of dwarves
> as hard-working happy people, in its time, _Snow White_ was a daring
> slap in the face of the anti-short establishment.
        I agree completely with MS. Bryson's comments concerning the
high degree of sizism throughout the lamentable, "Snow White," a low
point in terms of the sensitivity we all strive for.  I very much
appreciate her taking the time to point out this early instance of sizism.
I am ashamed to say that I used to look down at these small brother and
sisters of ours as, well, I'll say it: short people.  Once again, thanks
Ms. Bryson for opening my eyes to yet another cinematic example of low
brow injustice, primarily fostered on us by non-vertically challenged
white males.  Lets not lower ourselves to their level again.
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