Andi-O's posting was great!
You're right Andi, there's a lot that goes into the development of a human
child. And the most important is the love and support from the family. Still,
the outside world does influence to a large degree, especially in terms of
corroboration of beliefs and values. And, to me, that's where film makers,
writers, and artists in general have a sort of responsibility to live up to.
It's a difficult area, similar to the principles of individual social
responsibility. There are areas where one person cannot intrude upon
another's doctrines. Yet, there are situations where we feel impelled to act,
e.g. when discipline becomes abuse.
Art does have a power to proselytize. And such a large part of art is borne
out of personal expression, (which includes many points of view and
circumstances,) that regardless of any good intentions on the part of the
artist, the results could be flawed or inappropriate. I feel that as a parent
one must balance such outside influences on one's family with the kind of
loving nurturing environment you prescribe.
Obviously it worked for you.
BTW, I grew up with Pinocchio, Bullwinkle, Dick Van Dyke Show, et al. I never
really believed that if I told a lie my nose would grow, but I love good
puns, and I'm kind of leery of ottomans.
Sincerely, Chad Dominicis, Miami, FL.