I knew what you meant - I'm not anal about chromosomes.  I find that using
the term xx every once in a while reminds people that we are biological
beings as well as social ones.  Whatever.
Thanks for the encouraging words.  You know, my grandmother was horrified
when she listened to the record she had given me for my birthday.  She's
very traditional and had no idea what Marlo and friends were up to.  Then
again, she also gave me my favorite bath toy, a dump truck--so she can't be
all that straight-laced.
Unfortunately - and this is to all recipients of this list - I must sign
off tomorrow at the end of the day.  My present assignment here at the
Kennedy Center is over and it's off to the wonderful world of temp
Amy, if you want any feedback on this novel, I'm interested in talking
about this whole issue.  Write to [log in to unmask] and we can get together
sometime when I'm visiting my parents up your way (Morris County, NJ).
Thanks everyone for the stimulating discussions.  I've learned from you
Andi-O (xx)