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Dear Patrick,
Sorry about the poor delivery.  Let me try again. You asked why
most of the films on my list were of Anglo-American origin. Actually
and Polish respectively. Kaige and Kieslowski.  As there are about
16 movie houses here you can see any day of the week a French,
Italian, German film.  But as is true around the world, American
film and tv productions are all pervasive.
The English or Anglo connection (I hate this expression as English-
speakers here are all called anglo-saxons -but we won the war,
obviously I'm American is due the influence of the British Mandate
in Palestine, rapidly being replaced by the American one.
As for the film SCHINDLER's LIST, I must say for myself, it was a
magnificently made film and I think the main reason for its
effectiveness was its restraint.  But as this is a Jewish state,
there are a million opinions.  The worst criticism I heard was the
fact that it wasn't a documentary and therefore not historically
correct. Of course it wasn't. But for people who perhaps seldom go
to movies but went to this one because of subject matter, I believe
they expected something drier and less"pretty". The Hebrew slang
word for kitsch is "hollywoodie".They applied this term to this
I would like to pass on two comments by two Holocaust survivors and
filmmakers as well: Ephraim Kishon (nominated twice for the Academy
Award for Best Foreign film) who wrote an article in the Jerusalem
Post entitled "Thank you,Thank you,Steven".He stated that Spielberg
got it all right. Roman Polanski stated in a Newsweek article, I
believe that only Spielberg could have made such a wonderful film.
He himself could never have done it.  Meanwhile, it has been playing
continuously since December.
A good film as an introduction to ISrael then is Kishon's Sallah Shabatai.
A good film for Israel now is "Tel Aviv Stories" 3 stories by 3 women
I hope this makes it.
Harriet Kasow
Video Librarian
Hebrew University, Jerusalem