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I hope I made it this time.
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> Subject:  FILM IN ISRAEL
> Dear Patrick,
> Sorry about the poor delivery.  Let me try again. You asked why
> most of the films on my list were of Anglo-American origin. Actually
> and Polish respectively. Kaige and Kieslowski.  As there are about
> 16 movie houses here you can see any day of the week a French,
> Italian, German film.  But as is true around the world, American
> film and tv productions are all pervasive.
> The English or Anglo connection (I hate this expression as English-
> speakers here are all called anglo-saxons -but we won the war,
> obviously I'm American is due the influence of the British Mandate
> in Palestine, rapidly being replaced by the American one.
> As for the film SCHINDLER's LIST, I must say for myself, it was a
> magnificently made film and I think the main reason for its
> effectiveness was its restraint.  But as this is a Jewish state,
> there are a million opinions.  The worst criticism I heard was the
> fact that it wasn't a documentary and therefore not historically
> correct. Of course it wasn't. But for people who perhaps seldom go
> to movies but went to this one because of subject matter, I believe
> they expected something drier and less"pretty". The Hebrew slang
> word for kitsch is "hollywoodie".They applied this term to this
> film.
> I would like to pass on two comments by two Holocaust survivors and
> filmmakers as well: Ephraim Kishon (nominated twice for the Academy
> Award for Best Foreign film) who wrote an article in the Jerusalem
> Post entitled "Thank you,Thank you,Steven".He stated that Spielberg
> got it all right. Roman Polanski stated in a Newsweek article, I
> believe that only Spielberg could have made such a wonderful film.
> He himself could never have done it.  Meanwhile, it has been playing
> continuously since December.
> A good film as an introduction to ISrael then is Kishon's Sallah Shabatai.
> A good film for Israel now is "Tel Aviv Stories" 3 stories by 3 women
> directors.
> I hope this makes it.
> Harriet Kasow
> Video Librarian
> Hebrew University, Jerusalem