Thanks, Andi-O--maybe it's just our AGE that makes us think "who ever
said women can't be what they want?"  Sesame Street Generation...I like
And now, once again, let me try this:
*******TONGUE-IN-CHEEK ALERT*************
The following lines include a parodic comment meant to amuse, not to
piss off the PC among us.  Please exercise caution in viewing the
next screen.
Frankly, instead of demonizing _Snow White_ as a sexist picture, I
prefer to think of it as one of the few films that eschewed sizism by
using vertically-challenged characters in integral roles.  Although
today we may be more inclined to question the stereotypes of dwarves
as hard-working happy people, in its time, _Snow White_ was a daring
slap in the face of the anti-short establishment.
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