Hello All (again);
   Well, my wife and I have certainly been enjoying and *appreciating* the
responses to the questions I posed about Snow White. One point, though;
our 3 yr-old is a boy... which shouldn't make any difference... we are
of the opinion that it's just as important for boys to have a positive,
realistic attitude towards girls.
   Which reminds me of an experience I had a couple of years ago... I
was asked to produce a 2 minute segment for Canadian Sesame Street. My
proposal was a story about a little girl helping her father (a dairy farmer)
fix the fence.
   Well, the top brass back in Toronto suggested that I should have the
farmer be a woman! I countered that rather than hitting the audience over
their little heads with political correctness, why not be a bit subtle, yet
slightly radical.... have a busy father take time for, and appreciate the
company of, his daughter. They agreed! This was one in a series of
proposed segments in which children (girls & boys) were shown to take
active, constructive parts in their parents' lives.
   From your responses so far, one debate that really struck me was
whether or not *power* is necessarily evil. The thought (not originally mine)
that *true* power comes from strength of character I find most moving.
This, then, could be the theme that transcends good & evil as well as
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