VARIETY (or was it NEWSWEEK) had detailed description of Elaine May's
contribution to WOLF.  Since their younger days, Nichols has been
directing while Mays has been less prominently writing (occasionally
directing) but often working as a script doctor (both credited and
Writer's credits is a complicated issue arising from earlier days
when producers would assign writers credits for reasons of their own
regardless of who actually participated.  Further, it becomes ludicrous
when large numbers of writers make contributions.  The Writers' Guild
contract specifies the maximum number of writers who can be given
screen credit.  Included in the contract is a procedure for arbitration
in the event of disputes over who should receive credit.
Then there's the matter of writers being unwilling to have their names
associated with particular films.  One can't force a writer to accept
credit for work that has been mucked about by other hands.
Cal Pryluck, Radio-Television-Film, Temple University, Philadelphia
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