as an over 50 person i hope i have the right to contribute to this
I have seen all the movies of the following stars. apparently over
the years they have not lost their appeal. i must admit also that
i am turned on by good acting as well especially as the years go by.
gene hackman-I will go to all of his films because he is a PRESENCE.
clint eastwood
paul newman
al pacino
harrison ford
tom cruise- as you can imagine i loved the film color of money.
michelle feiffer is an outstanding actress. because of her good looks
she failed in frankie and johnnie which otherwise was a good drama.
debra winger- catch shadowlands
all of meryl streep
madeleine reuhl
susan sarandon
this is my first foray on the list. shalom!
Harriet Kasow
Video Librarian
Hebrew University, Jerusalem