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  Gene Stavis <[log in to unmask]> writes:
>The fact is that, whether we approve or not, the earliest
>developments of cinema (i.e. pre-1915) came almost exclusively from "Western"
>countries. Whether because of technology, prejudice, economic reasons, there
>is simply no extant evidence that, in this specific period, significant
>pioneering work was done outside traditional Western countries (France, GB,
>Italy, U.S., Germany, Russia, Scandanavia).
>This is not a value judgment, it is simply a fact of history.
This is *not* a fact of history, but rather a fact of how silent film
history has been taught and our limited access to/knowledge of silent cinema
in other parts of the world.  To cite but one example: the documentary film
movement provoked by the Revolution of 1910 in Mexico.
Ana Lopez
Tulane University