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>>               Sandy:
>>                The documentary DERBY was produced in 1971
>>               and was directed by Robert Kaylor.  It's a-
>>               vailable on tape from Prism and costs $49.95.
>>               And speaking of Roller Derby, don't forget
>>               the cheesy 1972 Roger Corman-produced fea-
>>               ture UNHOLY ROLLERS, directed by Vernon
>>               Zimmermann and featuring the smash hit song:
>>               "Stay Away From Karen"!  It came out just
>>               after KANSAS CITY BOMBER.
>>                    --Bill Littman--
Don't forget ROLLERBALL with James Caan (now available in LBX on LD) and the
big turkey PRAYER OF THE ROLLERBOYS (1992).  There is also a new boy moves
from California to someplace cold and hates the place and people.  He then
justifies his existance to the town with his prowess at roller hockey.
Guy (who falls down when on skates)