I think the title of the "response" film was Birth of a Race.  If my
recollection of the history of that film is correct it started out as a
film history of blacks in America, but eventually became a film about the
"race" of people known as Americans.  They film makers had a great deal
of trouble raising the money for the production (which might explain the
shift in the film's meanining).
Michael Thompson
On Thu, 16 Jun 1994 [log in to unmask] wrote:
> On early reception of the film: yes it caused a stir, so much so that
> someone (a group of people?) put out a film in response to its racism.
> I saw only a clip from the response film in a film class last fall--
> jesus is being crucified for everyone's sins.  It's interesting,
> perhaps, for the line of discussion here, that the response film is
> not at all as aesthetically slick as Birth.  Sorry, I can't remember
> the film's title--can anyone else out there remember it?
> Susan Crutchfield