I also teach international film history, and teen flicks are my
passion--1912-1919 that is. If you want to drop me a note on how you
structure the class and what "things" you need the film to do (i.e.,
narrative structure, formal elements, country of origin, illustrations of
society and culture or politics), I'm sure I can recommend something on
video. I have a passion for DeMille's THE CHEAT (1915), also a bit of a
racist film, but terrific melodrama with every character made loathsome and
unsavory. Stars the brilliant and sexy Sessue Hayakawa, the aging Fanny Ward,
and DeMille's legendary "Rembrandt Lighting" techniques. There are several fine
 articles about this film--and it is a touchstone for technique in Bordwell,
Thompson and Staiger's _Classical Hollywood Cinema_. Louis Delluc and
Colette just raved about this film. (I have references).
And I think its on video.
Donna Cunningham
University of Southern California
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