> My impression was that the showers at the death camps were not connected
> to water at all; they were for the exclusive use of gassing people.  (I
> wish I could quote a source, but oh well...)  The inclusion of that shower
> scene for dramatic purposes undercuts the fact of the death camps, in my
> opinion. I assume there were "real" showers in the labor camps, but in
> this film, which was not about the labor camps, they only cloud the issue.
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I, too, was appalled by this scene.  But then I asked a survivor of Auschwitz
 and she told me that those who were not killed immdiately were showered and
 deloused.  This she said because the Germans abhored filth.  At the same time,
 I still think the scene left open a place for revisionists to say the gas
 chambers masking as showers did not exist.
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