On Tue, 14 Jun 1994, Gene Stavis wrote:
> John Thomas -
> I too have met Riefenstahl on more than one occasion and I would like to have
> asked her when, in the forties, was she able to find an audience in Germany
> that was known to "hate and despise" Hitler. Was it in a concentration camp?
> Leni's skill as a filmmaker is heavily eclipsed by her quest to revise
> history, particularly when it concerns her work.
> Gene Stavis-School of Visual Arts, NYC
        Good question!!! Hah!  The one and only time I heard her speak
she did not elaborate on this.
        Heck, so what if she "revised" history, everyone else did too.
Once you get past the obvious propaganda stuff I see a real master
filmmaker at work.  Even today people are just "discovering" some of the
techniques she mastered a long, long time ago.
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