John G.,
[about 'looping' in filmmaking]
>         It's best(and cheapest), to record these alternative words at the
> same time as you shoot the scene so that room presence and performance
> remain the same.  Words that are replaced later, at a sound studio, NEVER
> sound right.
So do I get it right, that there are even different dialogue versions of
films out there?
What about the videos?
I don't get it.
And I thoguht that the US were the freest country in the world, but now
with all the cutting, dubbing, editing and opportunism I don't know any more.
> A lot of other reasons too, including
> getting rid of them "bad" words.  The "Hollywood" system places a lot of
> emphasis on the often total replacement of dialog and production effects
> in a film.  (Keeps a lot of people on the payroll!)
No techno-bore - sincere interest.
Please tell me more about it.