If the person interested in LA Law is a) looking for articles on lawyer TV
series and b) has access to American law reviews and legal journals, please
contact me off-list.  I have a bibliography on the subject.
I too enjoyed Maverick much more than reviewers led me to expect.  But one
thing is driving me crazy.
Maybe this isn't a spoiler, but I was quite pleasantly surprised by the
cameos of the '50's and '60's western series actors in the big stakes poker
game at the end.   (as was most of the audience - I could hear "whisper,
whisper" and see fingers pointing at the screen)  But .. who were those
guys?  I could put names  to a few but not all.  The credits went by a bit
too quickly to catch most of them.  Has anyone seen a review or article
listing them and their respective series?   I did a quick and dirty Nexis
search but didn't see anything. Thanks.
Marlyn Robinson
UT Law
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