Hi everyone,
Two weeks ago, I started off a thread about Sneakers, Wargames and the
scriptwriters Lawrence Lasker and Walter F. Parkes.
I did not expect it to die that quickly as I expected to achieve more insight
into the above mentioned subjects.
Is anybody still interested in a discussion on 'second level' (i.e. implicit)
messages and stories in movies?
My point was that Sneakers is a highly underrated movie because it contains
some very important, implicitly made arguments about perception of reality
and information control.
Also, I tried to emphasize on Wargames, which also features a comment
made on a subject (this time: playing games and (serious) politics) in
infinite variations interwoven into the plot and 'hidden' in every sinlge
Both movies were written by the two above mentioned scriptwriters and
I was also looking for a way to contact them as well as other projects
they were involved in.