> >> And, I've been trying to remember the name of a Raul Ruiz film that was
> >> shown at the Chicago Film Festival two years ago.  I saw it the same
> >> night as Visions of Light and it may have had Light or Day or Night in
> >> the title.  It was set in a town continuously filled with floating
> >> appearances of saints and a factory of prosthetic limbs.
> >>
> >Santa Sangre?  Is that the movie your thinking of?
> >
> RE:  ALL OF THE ABOVE.  _Santa Sange_ was directed by Alexjandro
> Jodorowski, once the darling of the cult film world (and once my darling,
> too, based on _El Topo._
ME:  I have seen Santa Sangre, but this was by Raul Ruiz, a postmodern
melange of business, mutation, saints, and people frozen in time.  The
name was mundane and non-descriptive, which is why I can't recall it.
Other suggestions out there?  (It was a better movie than The Golden
Boat, which New York chose for its festival that year because it was set
in New York.)