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>        I'm very sorry that the message you read was posted on the list.
>I must have pushed the wrong button.  It wasn't meant to be a whole list
>message since it wasn't mainly about film, etc.  KEEP ME AWAY FROM THESE
>        To answer your question...well I get the feeling there is an
>argument with no acceptable answer lurking in the shadows and I'd
>just as soon avoid it if you don't mind.  All the best to you.
>        Now, didn't Bernardo blow it with "Little Budda?"  What a shame.
>Guess everyone's got a clunker somewhere.  Understand there are three
>James Dean films in the works.  Now, that is film stuff.
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I'll tell you Bernardo's mistake in two words:
Keanu Reeves
The only thing I've enjoyed him in was Parenthood, and that's because he
was typecast.
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