How about John Cassavetes?
On Sun, 12 Jun 1994, RETURN wrote:
> Hello!
> Just joined to get some help.  I am taking a cinema class at a community
> e to finish my requirements for my AA degree.  Part of the class is giving a
> presentation to the class on the above subject.  All of the "good" directors
> are already taken (i.e. John Ford, Hitchcock, John Houston, Frank Capra,
>  B. Demille, etc.).  We have to focus on the working methods, & relationships
> with the actors, fellow artists and crews using anecdotes for support.  We
> have to include their style, genre of film, editing methods, awards &
> recognitions received.
> I will search your archives for ideas.  At the present time, I am thinking
> about Stanley Kramer ("...Mad, Mad, Mad World").  However, if someone has a
> suggestion, I would be most appreciative.
> Kathy