On Sun, 12 Jun 1994 12:11:06 CDT Ramona Curry said:
>I'm wondering if others have noted a shift in tone on SCREEN-L of late (and
>also in the volume of messages, even now that the duplicity has
>been eliminated (thank you for handling that, Jeremy!)   Is this a consequence
>of the school year's winding down for many participants, of an influx of new
>members from the "gateway" or what?   Not to start a process-oriented
>discussion (rather, preferably, to bring one to a close), but perhaps, Jeremy,
>you as list owner could report briefly what effects you see to date from
>the Gateway link-up, if you think that's been operating long enough to
>have any impact.  Thanks.
Thanks for providing a good summary of the SCREEN-L approach to life
on the Infobahn, Ramona.
Since you asked about our connection to Usenet, I thought I'd provide
an update.  For those joining us late:  SCREEN-L messages are posted
in a Usenet (which is an international bulletin board of thousands of
topics) newsgroup called bit.listserv.screen-l.  This newsgroup is
"read-only."  Messages from SCREEN-L appear there, but persons on
Usenet cannot post messages there.
If someone on Usenet tries to post a message to bit.listserv.screen-l
it is mailed directly to me.  This has happened five times since the
gateway was established.  When it does, I write the person back and
explain how to join SCREEN-L. His/her message is not forwarded to
Thus, the impact of Usenet upon SCREEN-L has, so far, been negligible.
I, too, have noticed an increase in the crankiness and intolerance
factors here on SCREEN-L.  I hope it's just a phase SCREEN-L is
suffering through and not an indication of what's going to happen as
lanes are added to the Infobahn.
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