Shawn Levy writes :
> but in sum I must agree with the earlier post that said that what
> is wrenchingly human about the atrocities in the film -- and the
> holocaust in general -- is not the specific death of a sole person
> but the vast, barbaric totality.
Not in my opinion. The point of "Schindler's Ark" (the book - I have
not seen the film) was that _individuals_ are important. Schindler,
on his own, made a difference - to the individuals he saved.
There is a nice exchange in an SF book between a relatively
unsophisticated planet resident and an high-tech anthopologist who
get caught up in a war that illustrates my point:-
        anthropologist: "At times like these one man's life is not
        native: "It it is not, what is?"
(Roccanon's World - U Le Guin - I think)