Your request for info about foreign films and films made in Scotland
was itself quite strange. I think you should reconsider the term very
carefully and think about how American cinema constitutes itself as
But a film which might interest you: Nikita (Besson, France 1990)
strong female lead with a GUN and, of course, remade for the American
In Britain we are so under the sway of American culture that British
films themselves often feel foreign, that is unusual and
unrepresentative: the recent clutch of heritage films seems made to
confirm stereotypes of Britain as much as anything else. But to
accuse cinema of misrepresentation would be naive, it rarely attempts
to represent anything for fear of offending somebody.
In terms of national cinema and how it might be defined, and thereby
how you might analyse foreign cinema and notions of it. Andrew Higson
wrote in Screen 1988, no.3 I think on the concept of a national
cinema with specific reference to Britain.
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