On Fri, 10 Jun 1994 14:29:10 -0600 Donald Larsson said:
>The Hitchcock film with the single color gunshot was not NOTORIOUS but
>SPELLBOUND.  (Are there any prints available that preserve this?)
>A number of B&W films from the thirties had brief color sequences, including
>THE WOMEN, PORTRAIT OF JENNY, and the original version of THE SECRET
>GARDEN (and let's not forget THE WIZARD OF OZ!).
My memory (alway fallible) tells me that the films listed in the paragraph
above all had relatively lengthy color sequences.  What was so striking
about the moment in SPELLBOUND (no more than a frame or two) was that
one (this one, anyway) couldn't be sure that it even happened.  Was that
a real gun flash or just my fervid imagination?
Cal Pryluck, Radio-Television-Film, Temple University, Philadelphia
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