Hello Patrick,
I'm sorry but I am ignorant of the term post-structuralist.
Could you explain, please?
Production blunder is possible, nevertheless, the main undercurrent is
very strong in Cosmo.
There are these two scenes in which Cosmo and Redford's character (name
evades me right now) play mental ping-pong.
They 'analyze' the society they live in by a question and answer pattern.
First at the very beginning of the movie, in College, and then in the Cray
room. There must be a way to determine the blunderness by comparing the two.
However, that script seems to be thoroughly planned so that the rewrites
must have been of minor size.
It is the clarity of the script, this concentration without letting go
which fascinates me in the movie.
Let me think a bit more about Cosmo, now that I have the other info.
Title of film with Michael Douglas is 'Falling Down'.
Also an interesting film I would be extremely interested to talk about.
It is, as I think, about the loss of the american dream and something called
'cognitive dissonance'.
> "The true name of the game is power to define and hence control people's
> perceptions of reality." --Philip K. Dick
He likes to play with realities (Bladerunner, Total Recall).
I like people who tinker with that.