On Thu, 9 Jun 1994 23:37:08 -0500 Patrick B Bjork said:
about David Desser's claim about a "crisis in creativity"
> Well. . . perhaps you're right, although I suspect there are a number of
>scriptwriters lurking out there who would strongly disagree.
For what it's worth, a not-particularly-successful screen writer-script
doctor told me that he's never seen an unproduced script that deserved
to be produced.
>                                                         In 1939, the
>five major studios alone were each producing 500 full-length feature
>films, not to mention thousands of shorts, cartoons, and news.
Five major studios each producing 500 feature length films?  That comes
to 2,500 doesn't it?
The major studios produced between 350 and 365 features in the years
between 1929-1941.  By some coincidence, perhaps, for four of those
years the number of features produced was exactly 362.
Cal Pryluck, Radio-Television-Film, Temple University, Philadelphia
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