Responding to the post on B & W, Stephen Hart wrote:
>It seems to me that the use of black and white nowadays is purely an
>aesthetic choice on the director's part.
        There may be more to this. I couldn't cite this, but I read sometime
ago about the problem with color dyes losing their colors and retaining
the "red" (red shift). I had read that the B&W bio on Jake Lamotta (sp) was
NOT done in color was because the integrity of the colors couldn't be
guaranteed for the long haul. After we got away from technicolor (and I'm
way out of my league on this) color shifts were (and are) a serious
problem. I don't this point has been made on this B&W thread.
        BTW, I'm enjoying the technical questions on this listserv
(i.e. techniscope, color, etc.). Don;t be afraid to ask your questions.
I've got an audio question I'll ask someday.
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