> Where have all the black and white films gone? Aside from Woody
> Allen's "Shadows and Fog", I am not aware of any recent
> (mainstream?) attempts in this area, nor anyone beside Woody Allen
> who consistently makes use of black and white film. Can someone
> help me overcome my ignorance?
> I am also interested in the "theoretical" use of black and white
> film in the age of color, as well as in intermittent use of color
> or black and white (for instance, "Rumblefish") in film.
>Any sources or thoughts on the subject would be appreciated.
There was an interesting mixture of black and white and color in the
film "Zentropa," which came out in, I believe, 1990.  The
juxtaposition of the two media really created a spectacular effect.
I recommend it if you are really interested in the intermittent use
of color and black and white (although I recall that much of it was
in B&W).
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