A couple of people mentioned this film yesterday.  Co-incidental that I
watched it last night.  It's very recent but has been, it seems, scorned by
reviewers and audiences.  Why?  I suspect it's too close to home for many
It deals with the issues of divorced parents, alienated fathers, and the
all too common patterns of murder-suicide associated with divorce/custody
BTW, the Australian Attorney's Dept does not keep records of
murder-suicides that might be associated with custody/family law issues.
Michael Douglas does turn out to be demented in one way, but in another he
lives and dies his conditioning: if he is shot his daughter will get the
benefit of his insurance; if he lives he will only see her from behind
bars.  He chooses death.
But is he is demented, so is every other person in the film.  No-one,
except the daughter, is not, to varying degrees, off the planet.
See this film!!
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