>Can someone tell me how to go about buying rights to old movies and TV
>shows or direct me to a good book on the subject? I know you usually buy
>whole libraries. But how much is _The Killer Shrews_ or _Plan 9 From
>Outer Space_ compared _Citizen Kane_?
You might be able to find out some info (and tips) on this from Wade
Williams who bought the rights to various features in the KILLER SHREWS
class.  His address is 9840 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO 64114.  Phone
number:  (816) 943-0855; FAX: (816) 941-7055.  I believe he distributes the
films for which he acquired the rights, but I don't know off-hand in what
format.  He has been helpful in one or two inquiries of mine.