Re: Inquiry on recent black and white films:
An independent b&W African American film that has little or no dialogue
in order to replicate "silent" comedy came out a year or two ago.  I believe
the title is "Street Stories" or something like that.
Also, note that SCHINDLER'S LIST contains 4 uses of color: 1 and 2) the
opening and closing scenes in "modern" settings that frame the story;
3) the (muted) red coat of the little girl during the liquidation of the
ghetto; and 4) the lighting of the Sabbath candles after Schindler moves
his workers to Czechoslovakia.
By the way, NIGHTLINE featured interviews with the writer, cinematographer
and editor of SCHINDLER'S LIST after the Oscars.  It's probably still avail-
able from ABC.