>Mail*Link(r) SMTP               RE>Re[2]- Falling Down
>>>I'm sure Denise would want to thank you for validating her point
>>>regarding the prevalence of stupidity in the public, Guy.  Here's
>>>something for you to think about, should you ever choose to pursue
>>>such activity:  Sarcasm is a wonderful tool in the right (capable)
>>>hands, but when one mixes in sexism, or racism, or any other
>>>cro-magnon ideology, the point being made tends to take a backseat
>>>to the display of ignorance.
>Gee, based upon her correspondence on the list, I would think that Denise is
>perfectly capable of defending herself.  As I have not heard from her, I can
>infer one of three things: 1) she hasn't read the message, 2) she has read
>the message, but hasn't responded yet, or 3) she wasn't moved enough by my
>sarcastic to warrant comment.  Only Denise knows.
Denise knows.  It was option #3.  I like women with attitude, too|
And men.  And transvestites.  And one-eyed one-legged dwarves of
Denise, smiley and chipper this time.