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On Monday, May 6, Guy Rosefelt wrote:
> >>Feeling a bit sarcastic and generally displeased with hypocrisy in
> >>any form,
> >>Denise, who wonders why the public is so STUPID sometimes.
> Ooohh... attitude.  I like that in a woman.
> Guy
I'm sure Denise would want to thank you for validating her point
regarding the prevalence of stupidity in the public, Guy.  Here's
something for you to think about, should you ever choose to pursue
such activity:  Sarcasm is a wonderful tool in the right (capable)
hands, but when one mixes in sexism, or racism, or any other
cro-magnon ideology, the point being made tends to take a backseat
to the display of ignorance.
If your response was intended to be humorous, or tongue-in-cheek,
perhaps you should have put a disclaimer on it, so that those of us
who are truly offended by such statements could have interpreted it
as such.
- Chris W.