1.  I get annoyed when people still use the term "sexual preference"
when they are referring to "orientation."  "Preference" has connotations
of choice which religious hypocrites (who presumably chose their
religious affiliation and totally expect to be free from harassment on
religious grounds) have used in their campaigns against equal
treatment for queer folk.
  2.  I get really annoyed when people use the terms "sexual
preference" or "sexual orientation" as if only queer people had them.
Heterosexuality is also an orientation.
  3.  I already commented on the blindness of the statement about
"sexual preference not being talked about in the media without
permission" by pointing out how pervasive is the information and
innuendo we are inundated with regarding the heterosex lives of
  4.  If you don't want the inadequacy of your opinions to be
confronted, don't exhibit them.
                                                Stephen Brophy
                                                Cambridge, Mass.