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  Alison McKee <[log in to unmask]>  writes:
> Not to give Denise more grief, but I'm a little uncomfortable
> with her distinction between "academic feminists" and
> "mainstream feminists,"
>> screaming horde
>>   of academic feminists (I use this term to differentiate them from the
>>   mainstream feminists)
> As a member of the screaming horde, I feel that Thelma and
> Louise are not only *both* "too cool chicks fighting patriarchy"
> *and* outlaws, but *also* neither:  in my view there's a
> complexity to the characters and the narrative trajectory
> which invokes those kinds of labels but ultimately prevents T and L from
> being comfortably labeled as either
> of the people who gave Denise a
> headache! :)
THANK YOU, Alison, for this GREAT comment.
I agree totally (including the martini).
Greetings, Esther.
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