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"Mary C. Kalfatovic" writes:
snip, snip...
   The mainstream press still doesn't mention a performer's
   sexual preference unless the person in question says it's OK.
WRONG!  Insofar as a performer's orientation (the term now preferred
to "preference") is heterosexual, the media fairly screams it at us.
Who's marrying whom, who's divorcing whom, who's having babies with
whom, who has been seen being intimate in public with whom...  It's
only when the orientation is some form of queer that a pall of silence
falls over the gossip hounds.
   And isn't
   Sir Ian McKellen the only mainstream performer so far to say it's OK?
Simon Callow, most recently seen in Four Weddings and a Funeral, is
also out, and loves to talk about it.  Tom Hulce came out a few years
ago at an AIDS conference, but that didn't get much media play.  One
of the actors on "Married..With Children" is apparently out - she was
talked about in the Boston Globe's gossip column this morning.  I
think her name was Amanda Bearse, but don't quote me.
                                                Stephen Brophy
                                                Cambridge, Mass.