>I am about to undertake a dissertation on video censorship, including a case
>study of a film that was on general release in BRITISH cinemas, but when it
>came to be released on video in Britain, was held up for some time by the
>BBFC because of the contents of the film, but was eventually released either in
>its entirety or in a modified version.
>Could anyone suggest a suitable title, or give me the address of somewhere I
>could to contact to get the information
>Thanks in advance.
>Chloe M. Evan-Hughes.
A suitable expert might be Annette Kuhn, one of the editors of _Screen_ who
has written intelligently on censorship in Britain.  She is at the
University of Glasgow in Scotland.  She does not have e-mail to my
knowledge. She might also be reached through _Screen_ whose address is
easily obtainable.
David Desser,UIUC Cinema Studies
2109 FLB/707 S. Mathews, Urbana, IL  61801