My point exactly...have you seen the latest Schepisi...since he went
Hollywood?.....these wonderful Australian nationals are no longer
Australian...they are somewhere and is Bill Forsyth...
and others. is there a National cinema anymore in any country?
> >(My memory ls going with my age...but...there wa
> >>s  Gregory's Girl...I loved that film!...Tight little island...
> >>Local Hero...."  What happened to Bill _______(can't remember hsi
> >>name).  And look what happened to Peter Wier and Fred Scheppsis?
> >>Sandy
> >-------+
> >Sandy--
> >As long as I'm in reference mode:
> >
> >GREGORY'S GIRL and LOCAL HERO were made by Bill Forsyth, a Scottish
> >director.  What happened to him?  He just made BEING HUMAN, starring Robin
> >Williams, and it's getting very bad reviews.
> >--Richard
> And as long as we're all in a reference mode, please recall that Peter Weir
> (spelling) and Fred Schepisi(spelling) are both Australians, though
> Schepisi's first non-Australian film, _Plenty-, was made in Britain (but
> starred Meryl Streep doing a British accent!)  The point is not to be too
> didactic, or worse, but certainly in this day and age, to question the
> notion of "national" cinema on a very practical level.
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