you want women who make no apologies for their abilities to take care of
themselves? See any films with the marvelous Michelle Khan. I can highly
recommend SUPER COPS 3 and ONCE A COP (American titles). Many Hong Kong
action films, and especially the ghost stories and period tales feature all
sorts of fiendish and fantastic women with fighting skills (i.e., A CHINESE
by the wonderful Tsui Hark (Thompson and Bordwell call him the "Hong Kong
George Lucas") has THREE competent female heroes who roll with the punches
and shoot back.
And if only we could have real access to the Serial Queen films of the teens.
I'll save this breathless wish for another day.
Donna Cunningham
University of Southern Califonia
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PS--to So Cal screen-l readers: you have the marvelous opportunity of being
able to see Hong Kong action films (and many other Asian films) at the
Laemelle Monica on Second Street in Santa Monica, as they have dedicated at
least one screen to Asian film for a whole year AND show the most popular
Hong Kong action flicks at midnight screenings on FOUR screens! take
advantage of this unique opportunity.
one more afterthought--the Voyager people have issued the ultimate
rendering of John Woo's THE KILLER on laser disk though their
Criterion collection in the 1.85 ratio. I just showed it to my
undergraduate film history class for the last screening and it blew
their socks off. It's great to show them how much of the French New
Wave survives in this overblown gangster/cop melodrama (J. Hoberman
calls it "MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION as directed by Sam Peckinpah.")
They laughed, shouted, groaned, screamed and could finally see--at
least for a moment--that knowledge of film history can help you to
appreciate a film!