On Tue, 31 May 1994 17:44:38 -0600 marian said:
>I'm writing my final essay about the relation between genre and ideology.
>Piles of books about soapoperas, but who knows where I can find something
>about "law and order" in televisiondrama? Are there articles about "L.A.
>Law" for example?
Can't think of one's on LA LAW, Marian, but there are several studies on
the representation of law and the police.
John Fiske refers often to CAGNEY AND LACEY(see his TELEVISION CULTURE),
as does Mimi White in her chapter on ideology in Robert Allen's
CHANNELS OF DISCOURSE.  Both of them are concerned with reading
the police genre from an ideological perspective.
Come to think of it, there's a new book out on C&L:  Julie D'Acci,
Hill:  University of North Carolina Press, 1994).  I haven't read it
yet, so I don't know what perspective it takes.
For a more general consideration of the police genre, see Stuart
Kaminsky, AMERICAN TELEVISION GENRES (Chicago:  Nelson-Hall, 1985).
And, finally, for a consideration of UK police shows see Geoffrey
Hurd in POPULAR TELEVISION AND FILM (London:  BFI, 1981).  And
there are some pieces on THE SWEENEY, too, but I can't call the
reference to mind.
Hope that gives you some leads...
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