I just stumbled across these today.  Don't know what they're like.
Presumably you subscribe by sending the message the following message to
the address indicated:  subscribe YOURNAME.
Contact: [log in to unmask]
Purpose: Primarily for managers and/or projectionists, but open also
to anyone working in a cinema or film society, etc.  Anyone's welcome
to join, but the conversation is mainly about things that only cinema
workers (and in some cases only projectionists) would be interested
in, so if this isn't you, think twice about joining. In short, a
forum where someone can ask "So how was work at the theater today?"
and actually understand what you're talking about.
Contact: [log in to unmask] (Michel Hafner)
Purpose: 1. Discussions/reviews... of new and older soundtracks (musical
and technical aspects). 2. Information about availability of specific
soundtracks on different formats in different parts of the world.
3. Publication of trading-lists so members can swap stuff and complete
their collections. 4. Compiling of lists on different subjects with
entries collected via the list (for example passages in soundtracks
"lifted" from other soundtracks or classical compositions with detailed
data; discographies  etc). 5. Discussions/reviews of books/fanzines
etc. about soundtracks/music for films. 6. Discussions/reviews of
Hardware for (film)music reproduction.
Please don't join if you are just looking for some soundtrack(s) but have no
general interest in the field!
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