"Enterprise Zones: Liminal Positions on `Star Trek'"
Eds: Elyce Helford (Middle Tennessee State University)
Kent Ono (University of California-Davis)
Taylor Harrison (University of Iowa)
Sarah Projansky (University of California-Davis)
We are interested in a variety of critical approaches to any or
all of the Star Trek texts.  Both textual and audience analysis
is welcome.  Our purpose is to address critically the
representational nature of "Star Trek."  We want to problematize
the emblematic status of "Star Trek" through a collection of
essays that question the social, political, and cultural
implications of representation, television, and more specifically
"Star Trek," from diverse orientations.  We are interested in
essays that scrutinize, for example, the discourses of
colonialism, the ideology of technotopia, multiply constructed
racial and gendered identities, incipient technological
subjectivities, paramilitary thematization, and homologies
between government structures and narrative form.  With this
collection, we hope to position "Star Trek" as a complex social
phenomenon by focusing our attentions not simply on the
textuality of "Star Trek," but on its function and effectivity as
social instrument.  "Enterprise Zones: Liminal Positions on `Star
Trek'" will engage both textual and social signification as
central to the hermeneutic task of criticism.
By June 15 1994, please send 4 copies of your paper and
an abstract to:
Sarah Projansky
4735 Cowell Blvd., 32
Davis, CA  95616
(916) 757-1026
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