Why be so hard on old Walt?  People that I've talked to that knew him
speak highly of him.  An actor friend-of-mine that was a child star working
for Disney told me a story:  He and several of his friends were invited to the
studio to see an early rough-cut of "Mary Poppins."  Walt invited them because
he wanted to get the opinions of kids.
        After the screening he asked for their input.  Many of them complained
there wasn't any animated characters like Mickey or Goofy.  As the story goes,
Walt grabbed his creative team together in the small screening room and said
something like, "I want some dancing ducks there.  Give me some dancing
        Sure the company is much different now, but all the studios have had
to change.  There was a cartoon in one of the trade papers recently showing a
"homeless person" holding a hand lettered sign that read, "Will work for
                        J. Thomas