>On Tue, 10 May 1994, John G. Thomas wrote:
>>         For me, I would HAVE to include "Once Upon a Time in the West."  A
>> "text book" of masterful filmmaking from Sergio Leoni who "out-Ford-ed", John
>> Ford in making a western.
>>                                 J. Thomas
>_Once Upon a Time in the West_ is an overlooked film? Well. . .OK. My
>choice is a little film called _The Dresser_ which stars Albert Finney as
>a frayed at the edges Shakespearian actor touring England during WWII.
>It's a kind of self-reflexive exercise that juxtaposes art with "reality"
>underscoring the occasional futility of both. I can't remember the name
>of the actor who stars with Finney but both are superb.
>Patrick Bjork
>Bismarck State College
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Patrick is certainly right!  Once Upon a Time in the West is far from
overlooked.  And while The Dresser is probably justifiably overlooked (and
not to be confused with my last name!) it costarred Tom Courtney.
David Desser, Cinema Studies
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