> I need help!
> I'm trying to help someone find a how to video, but on a somewhat unusual
> topic.
> The patron wants, prefereably humorous, videos on how to behave at a meeting
> or how to do conflict resolution.  Basically, I think the patron wants
> business etiquette for people from urban poor backgrounds who have had little
> contact with the professional world.  I've already suggested some of the John
> Cleese video's, but the patron needed something directed more at her
> which is the urban poor.
> Does anyone know of a source I could consult to point me in the right
> , or of a particular video?  Any help would be appreciated.
I don't know of a particular video, but there is a group in Chicago
called the LaSalle Street Management Theatre Company which specializes
in programs that deal with management issues, multicultural
sensitivities, etc.  They may have produced something related to this
Abigail Feder Northwestern University