On Fri, 22 Apr 1994, Anne Fischel wrote:
>         In 1989 I saw a film by the Russian director, Elim Klimov.  I don't
> recall the title, but the film was about a small island that was about to
> be flooded in order to create a hydroelectric power source.  It's quite a
> beautiful film, and I've always hoped to work with it in my classes.
> I've never been able to find it in distribution here.  If anyone has
> information about the film and can help me locate a distributor, I'd
> appreciate it.
>         Thanks!
>         Anne Fischel   [log in to unmask]
The film is called PROSHTSHANIJE, and it has been shown - at least
somewhere in the western world with the title "A Farewell to Matjora". It
is based on Valentin Rasputin's novel, and originally it was a Larisa
Shepitko (Klimov's wife)- project but, as is known, she died in a car
crash in July 1979. Klimov thought that it is his responsibility (in
honor of his wife) to carry this project further.
  Jukka Sihvonen