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>Subject: Intertitles in silent cinema
>I am doing research on the use of intertitles and other titles in silent
>films.  I could not find much on this subject in recent bibliographies
>(read past 20 years).  Can anyone help?
>I am interested in theory behind the use of intertitles: classification,
>aesthetic functions, narrative functions etc.  A historical background of
>how the form developed, people who wrote and designed titles would also be
>of interest.  I would appreciate references to European as well as
>American works on the subject.
Kristin Thompson has a section on intertitles in *The Classical
Hollywood Cinema: Film Style &Mode of Production to 1960*, by
David Bordwell, Janet Staiger, and Kristin Thompson, New York:
columbia U Press, 1985 (also possibly Routledge).  Particularly
useful for your interests is Chapter 15, although there are other
references to the uses of titles.
Michael Quinn