>This will probably seem like a very trivial post, but I am working on a
>paper and need to know what award Johnny Depp announced at the Academy
>Awards.  If anyone remembers or has an idea of where this kind of thing
>might be listed, I would be grateful.
>Margaret Ervin
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Are you serious?  I must've been getting some libations at that point...
Did I miss something?  I've been a big Johnny Depp fan for years and
was under the impression that he avoided those kind of events like
the plague.  Hmmmm...I await anyone's reply with baited (beer, actually
not bait) breath.
BTW, What's Eating Gilbert Grape was a seriously funny movie.  I know
several real-life Gilbert's who didn't get it tho.  More's the pity.
Lori G.
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