Angie Beumer writes,
.        Does anyone out there know if the Cheers postal worker's name
.is Cliff Claven, or just Claibourne pronounced with a Boston accent?
.Bostonians?  Cheers fans?
Wicked excellent question.
I'm pretty sure it's "Cliff Clavin." There were (are? I've moved) two
well-known sports radio personalities in the Boston area when I was
growing up called Cliff and Claf (Cliff Something and Larry Clafflin,
I think), and I've always assumed that "Cliff Clavin" was a hybrid of
those two heavily accented guys.
It is certainly not "Claibourne" with a Boston accent, however. That
would be pronounced "Clay-boan" -- we loses the Rs but keeps the Bs.
Feelin' youngah,
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